Write your own Childcare Story by John Wall

Each year, I host a special event called the John Wall Childcare Symposium.

Many of those unfamiliar with the childcare space focus hard on building an innovative product, but forget that an elegant solution doesn’t automatically translate into an environment that Mums and Dads with children living within their catchment area, demand from a successful business.

Successful businesses require an equally elegant business model, with the right price, messaging and delivery channel targeted at the right customers to keep the dream alive and growing.

When you are building a business around a team, you want to be able to open the doors with the tools you need to manage the best possible outcomes. Your childcare story should also inspire families and give them a reason to drive past other centres to bring their children to you. You should aspire to be World Famous in your area through teaching children how to entertain themselves through ‘real play’ and how to make each day a special day by choosing the right attitude – to be the Best in Care and Education.

The John Wall Childcare Symposium is an opportunity for childcare owners, operators and their centre managers – whether have completed a build in the last 12 months or are about to start their first ever childcare build – to gain valuable insights into the formation of a successful childcare business. Involving networking, interactive workshops and team development training, the information attendees gather on the day is, quite simply, not available by any other means in the country.

Topics covered on the day include:

  • New build start-ups – What’s the right design and configuration for your location?
  • Your location – Is your site demographical supported and is there a genuine need in your catchment area?
  • Design - What is the best design for your children and the community?
  • Playground design – How much fun can a child have in one day? What is your point of difference?
  • How to make productive decisions
  • How to set goals that are both far-reaching and manageable
  • How to go beyond your comfort zone
  • How to leverage your team leadership skills
  • The real truth!

I love bringing Owners and Directors from all over Australia together to share advice, insights and success stories. So stay tuned for news on this year’s Symposium!