Success Stories by John Wall

Bluewater Village Early Learning

John Wall Childcare’s newest build is situated 30 minutes northwest of Cairns in the suburb of Trinity Beach, and this centre currently has over 99 children on its waiting list! A 2019 winner at the Building Designers' Association of Queensland awards, its facilities including a large outdoor playscape for children aged 2 to 5 years with endless opportunities for exploring, playing and learning.

Children can enjoy a large sand play area, a natural exploration zone, a dedicated active free play zone, bike track, construction pit, a custom-designed fort, a waterplay splash pad, and a quiet play/outdoor zone. It’s a great opportunity for children to improve their gross motor skills, particularly when it comes to bikes, scooters and carts, as they experience the simple joy of mastering steering and pedalling. They will also enhance their social and emotional skills as they learn the basics of helping others and considerately giving way. Here, if your child goes home with a Band-Aid, it means they have had a great day and have learnt many new skills!

The Bluewater Village Early Learning centre’s kitchen also features its own experienced culinary chef as well as a sous chef who provides 5-star meals, each and every day. The kitchen also has its own vegetable/herb garden that teaches children about sustainable practices and garden-to-plate food concepts. Meals meet the Nutrition Australia guidelines and include sushi, Spanish Mackerel, and a favourite - roasted tablelands sirloin steak with vegetables. Many of our educators say the children eat better than they do at home!

Smithfield Village Early Learning

Situated just 15 minutes from the Cairns CBD, this centre holds a license for 126 children and there are currently over 200 on the waiting list!

This is a great example of how our centres emphasise ‘real play’. The centre’s outdoor play space has four sand pits, a waterpark, two large bike tracks, a large grassy area for children to run around in, and a barnyard full of goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, turtles and snakes, which allows our children to truly embrace their ‘wildhood’. They also have a wide range of bird species and a garden where children learn how to plant, tend to and eat a variety of herbs and vegetables. Here, children’s shoes are optional and getting dirty is compulsory!

Smithfield Village Early Learning also goes beyond standard toy rooms, carefully designing complete experiences that engage and excite little ones while beginning to teach them important life skills. Their spacious indoor learning areas are well equipped with state of the art resources, and all rooms are complimented by natural light and have been designed with neutral décor, which provides a calming learning environment. All of the fixtures are also made from natural materials including their tables, chairs, bookshelves and cushions. The classrooms for Senior Kindy and Kindergarten are equipped with the latest computer technology and interactive whiteboards, which creates the ideal learning environment for these age groups.

All of their rooms cater for individual age groups for optimal growth and development creating a real sense of belonging. Their flexible routine are also designed to work with the children and their families to ensure that the transition from home to setting is both smooth and enjoyable.